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Michele Bachmann said:

We must stand our ground to defund Obamacare, and we must move quickly to make sure that no taxpayer money is spent on our watch. By signing my petition, you will tell Congress where you stand: against the undemocratic and secretive actions of Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats, and for our shared Constitutional conservative values.

I need to know you are 100 percent behind my efforts to expose the back-room dealings and secretive tactics Pelosi and Obama have tried to use. I need to know you want Obamacare defunded once and for all. Follow this link right away to sign the petition to defund Obamacare!

PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION. Remember what Nanci Pelosi said last year?

“What is unusual about this bill is that usually you pass a bill to AUTHORIZE spending and appropriation is when you actually do the spending,” said Ms. Bachmann.

Not convinced yet? This video is also a must see.

House passes Health Care Repeal Bill. Votes: 245-189

Woohoo! I wonder what will happen when it goes to the Senate…

Here is the roll call for those interested:

Published October 14, 2010 |

A multi-state lawsuit against the federal health care overhaul will go forward, after a Florida federal judge on Thursday rejected the Obama administration’s request to dismiss the case.

District Judge Roger Vinson dismissed four of the six counts in the lawsuit led by Florida Attorney GeneralBill McCollum, who is representing a challenge from 20 states. But he allowed two counts, including one challenging the law’s controversial requirement that Americans buy health insurance, to proceed. Opening arguments are scheduled for mid-December.