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I really enjoyed watching this movie. There was a beautiful message behind it. In fact, watched this movie only once and have it completely memorized, with the addition of some lines. I would definitely go out and watch it all over again.

It clearly proclaims how life is precious and how we need to preserve it dearly.

The Erwin Brothers said:

OCTOBER BABY opened in theaters this past weekend with incredible results. It was the No. 1 film in limited release, the No. 3 film in per-screen average, and the No. 8 film overall-despite being seen in only 390 theaters! But more than that, God is using the movie to impact people.

What great news!


Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)




They are all connected. If GMO foods are not labeled for consumers, how will we know what we are eating? We just won’t. Many Americans have no idea what are GMOs, much less what they are eating, because the FDA finds GMOs “safe for consumption.” This is just flat out wrong. I wrote and presented an Illustrated Oratory speech on this topic in high school and when I competed in NCFCA Speech and Debate. I was able (with God’s doing) to take this speech all the way to the National semi-final round, getting 15th place in the nation.

There is a new film in production about GMOs and the need for labeling these genetically modified foods, so people have the choice to choose what they eat.

Please see the sneak peek below:

Over 2500 U.S. and international host sites that will be premiering I AM in their communities during the month of October prior to its November release to DVD by 20th Century Fox.

Once, they called it the City of Angels. Over time, it has become the City of Lost Souls. Ten strangers entangle themselves in the spider web that is life in Los Angeles today. Unknowingly, they are living out the Ten Commandments one by one. As they struggle to solve their problems themselves, things only get worse — their problems multiply, and spill over into the lives of so many others. Yet there is one presence that the never leaves. One lone voice of love, reason, and compassion in the midst of lives on fire: the great I AM, God Himself. It’s the ultimate love story that changes everything…

“I AM” Blogspot

The producers of I AM have used the medium of film to portray the heart of God for His people. I AM is the Biblical name of God and also the name of the film’s title character who aids ten people in Los Angeles as they struggle with the effects of failing to follow the Ten Commandments in the modern day.

The film is approximately 90 minutes and begins with an introduction by best-selling authorLee Strobel.

Listen to what he says about “I AM.”