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What IS literature? Why do we study it?

That was the the topic of the entire 3 hour and 10 minute Literature Theory class I have the opportunity to take notes of for a student with disability the first half of this summer.

…expression of a person’s thoughts/ideas written down (or not)? message in a story? artistic merit? subjectivity or objectivity? something that lasts? what society values based of economic conditions? etc.

So much universality and relative talk. Theorist can’t pin down the exact answer. These college kids (mainly English majors) will be reading Freud and Marx, among others. In my eyes, it’s a pity and disturbing to know how confused even the professor seems to be. He didn’t even give an answer. He agreed with the class a lot.

I was ITCHING to say things in today’s class; so when everyone was dismissed, I have requested permission to interject my two cents when ever I feel like. It was granted. ;D We shall see how it goes!


Friend: isn’t literature just “words on paper”??

Me: Apparently, according to this class, “words on paper” is your opinion, postulate, theory, assumption, subjectivity. Thus, it is not necessarily true for someone else. What they are teaching is the POSTMODERNISM worldview: reality is what individuals or social groups make it to be.

Friend: So nothing is TRUE. What a wonderful world that must be

What are your thoughts?


What are your spiritual gifts? Did you ever want to know?

Well, take this test and find out! Know where you can help out by knowing what gifts God gave you.

Here is the link.


The Truth Project.  How many of you have seen the 12 week video series by Focus on the Family with author and teacher, Dr. Del Tackett?  If you have, how was your experience?

Here is my comment on this project.  Find a group near by where you live, for those who haven’t seen it yet.  I highly recommend it.

Well, this past Thursday, I just completed the entire “tour”, as Del Tackett calls it.  My church was hosting a group viewing and discussion of it.  And now, I am watching it again with the youth group at my church on Sunday mornings during Sunday School.

But WOW.  I just LOVE The Truth Project.  It is an amazing in depth tour of the Christian Worldview.  Every Christian should have a Biblical Worldview. Do you?

Did you know that ONLY 9% of professing Christians have a Biblical Worldview?  This was reported by the Barnas Research Group.

The Truth Project covers the following:

Take a look at this official extended trailer. Please be sure to watch the entire video below:

You DO NOT want to miss any of the Cross Examine video episodes with Dr. Del Tackett, teacher of the Truth Project, and John Rabe, who use to be a broadcastor.  This is a new Christian television series produced by Coral Ridge Ministries.

The program will air on Inspiration Network (Sunday mornings), The Church Channel (Monday evenings), and Daystar (Saturday evenings); or watch the entire episode online at the website.

The Question: How True is Your View?


There is a 6 part Online American History Class that begins in September and it is for EVERYONE.  Adults included!  This is not just for high schoolers; adults need to understand the American history just as much, even if you think you learned it back in your high school years.

“Who controls the past, controls the future.  Who controls the present, controls the past.” – George Orwell from his book, 1984.

Do you recall that line?

We have a duty, as AMERICAN CITIZENS, to understand the history of our nation in order to understand the present.  Ever wondered why we have problems in America? It is because we don’t understand history. We don’t learn from our past. Have you ever wondered why, despite bailouts, stimulus plans, etc, these problems cannot be fixed? It is because we are looking at the SYMPTOM instead of finding the CAUSE for the problem. No jobs in America? Stop looking at the job loss numbers. Instead, stop the big government from taking jobs from one industry and putting it in another without replacing what they took out! The same concept applies to other matters at hand.

Americans, please listen. History repeats itself. “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1:9, NIV).

Educate yourself by taking this course!

*Please take a look at the class Information taken from the flyer. For syllabus, contact Ms. Ballenger (Contact at bottom).

May God continue to bless America through those who stand up for TRUTH!