About Truth for America’s Youth

The writer of this blog is a young Christian adult/student, who stands for conservative and Constitutional American and Biblical principles, such as: civil liberty and religious freedom, pro-life, a one man and one woman marriage, limited government, a country of, by, and for the people, self-government, private property, limited spending, Truth, creationism, et cetera.

I trully enjoy learning, teaching others, and speaking. I do accept speaking invitations, please contact me if you are interested.

I find so many great stuff and I want to share them with concerned youth (and adults) because we are America’s next generation and I feel that it is so important that we become knowledgable about issues like politics, worldviews, et cetera.

So, instead of just bookmarking links to websites I found useful, making a list of informative books, talking to close relatives about issues I find important, and keeping it all to myself, I thought that putting up a blog would be the best thing I could do. Do you agree?

The Categories section of this blog will gradually grow, so please bare with me because it will take time.

Also, if there is ANYTHING that you think would be great to add to the blog or if you have something you would like to share here, please let me know by commenting below or by emailing me: truthforamericasyouth@gmail.com.  I will check in to it and if I approve, I will make a page on it.

Alright, amigos, lets start!


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